18 Keys in the Introduction of “The Ultimate Blueprint for an Insanely Successful Business” by Keith J. Cunningham

Read the list and highlight the No. One most important statement to you at this moment:

  1. But the problem with being a great operator is that you don’t get rich; you get tired.
  2. Sustainability always comes from knowing what you are doing and measuring your progress.
  3. The goal of owning a business isn’t just to get rich; it’s to create something sustainable.
  4. If you want to sustainably succeed in business, you must learn how to identify and diagnose the activities which are sabotaging your financial results and then know how to correct those mistakes so that the results you desire can be achieved.
  5. Measure Results, Change Activities.
  6. Your financial results are simply a numerical reflection of the business decisions and operating activities in your business.
  7. Financial and business analysis is the process of converting the numbers on the accounting report card back into activities.
  8. My experience is that business failure is more often a result of a bad business owner than a result of a bad business.
  9. This is crucial to understand. Ultimately, management drives the results of any business and management cannot change the numbers without first changing the activities that caused the numbers.
  10. Business is an intellectual sport; those people who play this game with their emotions, gut, and glands get killed.
  11. Acquiring the skills and tools to understand and measure your financial results is the KEY to knowing which activities need to change in order to produce superior profits and sustainable cash flow.
  12. Ignorance is not bliss. Facts don’t cease to exist just because you ignore them.
  13. What this book will do for you is what a blood test, MRI, X-ray, and CAT scan does for a medical doctor.
  14. It’s that a maniacal obsession with growing sales and revenue does not treat the primary causes of business fatality, the insanely high mortality rates, or the long-term health and longevity of the business.
  15. Success only teaches bad lessons.
  16. Business doesn’t have a magic formula or a secret recipe.
  17. The only constant in business is change…. which is why business is an intellectual sport.
  18. There are, however, fundamentals, principles, and rules that, if you learn, practice and master them, will significantly improve your odds of creating a sustainable business and financial success.

What questions do you have about the above? What’s holding you back? What do you think you need to do to be more profitable.


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